Almost 2!!

Allison really likes to color… a lot. She holds the crayon really well, even better than Holly does. And she tries to color in the objects, but of course she still goes outside the lines. We have plenty of time to perfect that. She would prefer to use markers, but since she likes to write on things other than paper, she is only allowed to use crayons. She doesn’t really like that, but for now she has to listen.

She likes to write also. If you write her name, she’ll write right over it, as if she is tracing. It’s cute. It’s another way of her copying what we do. She likes to follow Holly around the house and do exactly as she does. I am going to pull out the little potty hoping that maybe she’ll copy her sister doing that, though I’m not to hopeful. She is still small but no one says she can’t potty train now. Her diaper is barely wet in the morning most days so I am hoping to get her on there first thing in the morning. We’ll see how that goes.

Can you believe she is going to be 2 in just two more months. I can’t believe how fast that went by. I was just telling Steve last night that it makes me sad to see her grow up. Not only is she my last baby, but she was the sweetest baby and I enjoyed her so much that I want her to stay a baby forever. I know it makes no sense since I was just talking about potty training her. I won’t lie, I do look forward to no more diapers, just like I looked forward to no more bottles, but still, I want her to stay a sweet baby.

She is talking up a storm too. She has the cutest little voice. The best part is now she can tell me when Holly does something wrong, but unfortunately she learned pretty fast that if she does then Holly will get in trouble and we caught her a few times telling us Holly did something when she really didn’t. Smart kid. It’s the 2nd child smarts she got that from her mother!!

It just makes things so much easier when she can actually tell us. It also means that when she wakes up in the morning she now calls “MOMMY” (or HELP ME) over and over again until I go and get her. I try to ignore it some days because when I look at the clock it’s only 6:15 am and everyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person. At least give me until 7am. But some days I can’t ignore the “MOMMY” or “HELP ME” so I have to get up. But that’s OK, once I am up, I enjoy her little voice again.

That is the latest Allison update. I will do a Holly update soon.

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  1. I loved the update on Allison, I look every day for more pics of my two fovorite girls in the whole wide world . thanks Karen.
    Love Nana

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