Holly the Ballerina

Nana and Papa came for a visit Saturday and as usual, Nana came bearing presents for Holly and her baby sister. One of Holly’s presents was a Tutu and a Tiara. Holly LOVED them and immediately wanted to put them on. She looked way too cute and of course I grabbed the camera, and she grabbed Nana’s hand to dance around like a Ballerina.

After we all visited for a while, we decided to take a ride to the beach so Holly could play with the pail and shovels that Nana also brought her. It was a little cool there, but not too bad. Of course, Holly didn’t even realize it was cold, she just loves going to the beach and playing in the sand. She had a great time and was very excited when two horses went running by us. At one point she threw herself down on the sand and just started rolling around. It was so funny. Of course we stopped at the playground and she went on the slide and the swings for a little while before we left. She had a blast, as usual.

After our trip to the beach, we went and had dinner then back to our house where Papa and Holly spent some time playing in her room with Dora’s castle, then she moved onto playing with Nana. She pretty much pushes Steve and I away when other people come over and just wants to play with them. We don’t mind, as long as she’s having fun, and she had a really FUN day.

This is a video I took of Holly last week dancing around being silly. I do wish these video’s came out a little bit clearer on here because at the beginning she’s got her tongue hanging out and she just looks so cute.


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  1. I L-O-V-E the ballerina outfit from Marge!!!! OMG her first tutu. Those are the cutest pictures! (oh maybe the scrapbook pages I made for you will match?) How fun! It looks like you had a great day. That is a pretty picture of the horses running on the beach. I can’t wait to show the newest video to lil D. he loves watching his Holly on the computer!

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