“Make Believe You Like Each Other”…..

While Jodi was visiting, she did the girls hair… they look like Princess Lea in Star Wars (is that how to spell her name?)  Jodi loves doing the girls hair because she has two boys.  After she did their hair she wanted to take a picture of them but the girls were having one of their moments.  They didn’t want to be next to each other or to even touch each other. So Jodi said to them “Make believe you like each other for a minute”.  And this is the result of that….. Holly the little actress went along with it and ‘made believe’ she was going to put her arm around her sister.  Allison pretty much stood there because she was told too trying…

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know…

It’s been almost a year, I know but I’ve become much busier in the last year and this just kind of fell through the cracks, I’m sorry. But let’s just forget about all that and enjoy these pictures because it could be another year before I post anymore (just kidding, I will try). Holly started Tennis lessons last night. She loves playing it on the Wii so I figured why not let her learn how to play in real life. The lessons are only 30 minutes each week (which I found out was just enough time for them) on Friday afternoon’s for 4 weeks. I’m not sure if they offer more after the 4 weeks but I’ll figure it out then. Now of course I’m…

Family Picture

My youngest nephew Kristopher made his first communion today. It was a beautiful day! His uncle is a photographer and he took a bunch of pictures of us while we were there. I was very happy that he took one of the four of us. We haven’t had a picture taken of us in over a year, a nice picture that is. He also snapped this adorable picture of the girls….. They are such cuties!


It’s been a while since we’ve had a picture of the four cousins so we decided to take on at Allison’s Birthday Party. Of course it’s impossible to get them all to smile perfectly at the same time. But they are kids and they are cute! Allison – 3 years oldHolly – 5 years oldKristopher – 8 years oldJonathan – 12 years old

My Sleeping Princess’s

I love watching the girls sleep. As a matter of fact I look in on them every night before I go to bed. They are just so cute and so quiet when they sleep. Yes they both take after mom and talk a lot, but then again when daddy gets talking he doesn’t shut up either! It’s been a while since I’ve snapped a picture of them sleeping so I couldn’t resist. Allison and Zebra (he’s like the son we never had)… Holly and Lamy (her stuffed animal of the month)….