Easter Pictures

We had a nice Easter and the girls had so much fun. We are still having Easter Egg Hunts in the house. Did you know that the Easter Bunny left me a note saying he would be back this weekend to pick up all the empty plastic eggs. Yup! And then he will bring them back next year. Isn’t that nice of him?? (lol) I’m so glad because I have eggs EVERYWHERE in the house. Allison loves playing with the eggs too and dumps the bucket all over the floor several times a day. I’m glad she is enjoying them too, but we have lots of other toys too so it’s good that the EB is picking those up in a few days.

Here are some cute pictures of the girls in their dresses….

Allison playing with the eggs….

Here is a picture of a Bunny that Holly drew on her chalkboard. Not bad at all!

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  1. Poor Holly doesn’t look too pleased in the first picture! What happened to “your baby”, she isn’t so little anymore!!! Tell them I love them and miss them very much.


    P.S. The site needs updated pictures, please….

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