Family Hair Cuts

On Saturday we all went for haircuts, including Allison. She really needed one and I couldn’t wait anymore. She has hair just like Holly’s and it’s very fine. The back isn’t growing in very well yet, just like Holly’s and I can’t not cut it like I did with Holly. I’ve learned so off to the hair dressers we all went. Allison did great getting her hair cut, she just didn’t want to sit in the chair, but that was OK, she let mommy hold her and had no problem at all letting Betsy cut her hair. I did take some pictures but my camera settings were still set for nighttime so they didn’t come out to well. Also she wouldn’t smile for the camera. Here is what I did get..

She sat on the chair, but then decided she didn’t want to be there, but I was able to get a picture first, but as you can see, she wasn’t very happy. And she didn’t even know how her hair would look yet! You can see that she really needed the bangs cut too.

She is a little bit happy here because mommy is holding her. Mommy always makes things better………..well maybe just sometimes.

Once she was done, I tried to get her picture but she refused to look at the camera… (remember the pictures aren’t great because the settings were off)

Still, no looking at the camera….

Once we were home, I did manage to get her to look at the camera, but she wasn’t very happy. This look is intentionally directed towards mommy. What she is really trying to say with her eyes is “mommy I’m not very happy that you let me get a boy hair cut”.

Then she quickly realized that someday she will have lots of long beautiful hair just like her sister so she decided to give me a smile. Or was it the cookie I promised her? Not sure but it worked! Isn’t she so cute with her new hair cut??
Holly had her bangs cut, that was about it. We cut 3 inches off the length back in October and that was such a great idea. She looks so cute too! But then again, they are my girls so I am going to say they look cute.
Mommy had a LOT of hair cut off, but mostly in the back. I have a stylish hair cut now, so I guess that makes me a hip mama. LOL

We didn’t get a picture of daddy, but his hair barely looks different, it’s a guy thing. I’m OK with that because I don’t think I’d want him to have a crazy hair style anyways. I’m boring like that.

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  1. Great Job with the haircuts! Allison and Holly's look adorable. Can't wait to see you on Saturday.
    Grandpa & Nonnie

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