Girls Just Wanna Have Fun….

Holly and Allison really LOVE each other. Allison’s face just lights up when Holly walks into the room and she gets so excited. And whenever Allison wakes from a nap, Holly’s face lights up when she sees her. It’s so great to see how much they love each other. I’m sure this will change as they get older, but I’m just enjoying it for now. Here are some cute pictures I got of them together last week.

Our little Princess Holly. She loves to dress up in her Princess Dresses. On Friday, first thing in the morning she took of her PJ’s and put on this dress. Notice the hair isn’t even brushed, but she still looked cute. She loves to walk around in these shoes too because they have a heal on them. She’s such a girly girl!

Holly has been enjoying ‘writing’ lately. This is her form of writing…it’s cute!

Not sure what she was doing here, but I love how she tried to line them up in some kind of order.

Allison really is a HAPPY baby. She is smiling almost all day long. She cries very little and usually for a reason. She naps 3 times a day and sleeps all night. She loves to roll around on the floor and tries to creep all around the floor too in order to reach things that she wants to get into her mouth. Everything goes into her mouth, once she has it in her hands. And anything within reach, ends up in her hands. She’s so cute and we enjoy her so much. I just wish I could slow down her growth, because this is such a great age.

Friday we went for haircuts, well Holly and I did, Allison really doesn’t have much hair yet. The last time we went, Holly sat in the big chair, like a big girl and I didn’t have my camera with me. This time I brought it with me. Betsy did Holly’s hair first and when she told Holly it was her turn she just got right up on the chair like she’s been doing this for years, it was really cute. She did really well letting Betsy cut it and she looked so cute, or course.

Cute as a butterfly!Have a great week!

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  1. What fun pictures! Holly looks adorable with her new haircut and I love the pictures of the girls together. What a pair of cuties and you can really see the love between them!

  2. I loved the pictures of the girls. Nana needs new ones for bragging purposes. I loved Holly’s new haircut. Both my grandaughters are sooo-beautiful. They are growing so fast.

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