Likes and Dislikes….

Allison has started solids and lets just say, she has her daddy’s taste buds, not her mommy’s. She does enjoy the rice cereal, but she doesn’t like Pears or Sweet Potato’s. Like I said, she’s got her daddy’s taste buds, no fruits or vegetables. But I am determined to change that. For now, we are going to stick to the rice cereal and try the fruits and veggies again some time soon.

She is getting so big, so fast, but I guess that’s what happens when you keep feeding them lol. Look at Holly, she is going to be 3 in 2 months…….when did that happen???

Allison went for her 4 month check up on Friday and she did great. She weighs 13lbs 4oz and is 25 inches long. That puts her in the 50% for weight and the 75% for height. She’s growing perfectly and developing just as good.

She loves her new seat. It reclines so she’s very comfortable in it, plus she can sit at the table with us while we have dinner.

I love this yellow outfit on her, I just found it in her closet and it’s not going to fit her for long so I’ve been putting it on her a lot! I don’t think she really cares.

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  1. Oh my Karen, Allison is getting so big so fast…Wow! Those pictures are great and I love that yellow outfit too, so pretty! Funny about the fruit and veggies, hopefully she will like them next time. Allison is adorable and has a great smile!

  2. look at that smile! Her whole face lights up! I like that yellow outfit too, it’s very cute! Hang in there with the fruits and veggies…I think you can convince her she likes them LOL

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