Weekend Recap (Part 1)…….

We had a nice LONG Easter weekend that began on Thursday when our friends arrived. Jodi and Lil David came to spend a few days with Holly and I because Steve was going on a trip (A trip that once again didn’t happen LOL). Holly and David were SO EXCITED when they saw each other, it was so adorable. They really are buddies and enjoy each other. They had a great time and played so well together, even better than I expected! Holly’s has had some issues recently with sharing so I expected a problem, but she did so well, we had a few issues but nothing like I imagined. I think she was more than happy to share her toys and play with her friend. Here are a few pictures of them together…….

Shortly after they arrived, the two of them sat down and had a snack together. Holly found out quickly that if she wasn’t fast, hers would disappear! It was cute.

They had a blast jumping and dancing on David’s mattress. There was a dance party in there every day.

They played very well together and David loved playing with Holly’s toys because she has different things then he does. I’m so glad they enjoyed each other.

We went to the beach playground but for only a few minutes, it was really cold. But they got to swing together for a little while. Of course, they had fun.

The two of them LOVE to draw. If they weren’t sitting at the easel drawing they were coloring on the floor or writing on the magna doodle. It’s something they both enjoy and really enjoyed doing it together.

We really had a nice visit with them and Jodi and I enjoyed seeing each other. We were even able to get in some scrapbooking once they went to bed Friday night. I’ll post those layouts later in the week.

Saturday afternoon they went home and Holly and I were sad, but we look forward to seeing them again soon when the baby arrives. Later that afternoon, Holly was invited over to her other friend Jakob’s house for an Easter Egg Hunt. That was a lot of fun too!! She did great and got a lot of eggs with a LOT of candy inside. Here are some pictures of her on the hunt…….

Part 2 tomorrow!

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