The Nursery is Painted & Spring is Here!!!!

Tuesday night we put the last coat of paint on the walls in the Nursery and I love it!! The yellow just looks so sunny and springy. Steve moved all the furniture back tonight so I’ll take a picture tomorrow and post it. This weekend, my mother is going to put the border up and slowly the room will start coming together. Pictures to come soon.
Spring is starting to show it’s face around here. Today it was in the 60’s and just beautiful out. Holly and I played outside for a while and I even took my coat off.

Yesterday we found the first signs of spring and they were in the same spot they are every single year, Crocuses. They pop up first every year and always in the same place under the nursery window.

And right next to them are some daffodil stems getting ready to bloom. I do love these first signs of spring and I’m very anxious to see more. Today I even had windows open in every room and it was so nice having the fresh air coming into the house. I think Holly really enjoyed it too.

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