Christmas in review…….

We had a nice weekend, but it’s nice to get back into what ever normal is in our house.

For Christmas Eve, my inlaws, my parents, Uncle Rick and Auntie Connie and our friend Melissa all came for a nice Italian dinner. Not the traditional italian christmas eve of fish and seafood, but my own version of an Italian dinner….Salad, homemade Lasagna, homemade meatballs and sausage, homemade eggplant parm and lots of yummy Italian bread!! What’s an Italian meal with out yummy bread. OH and top that off with a real yummy Italian dessert with lots of cream and friut. I have no idea what it was called but it was good!!!

We all enjoyed it very much and we ate way too much, both days!!!

After dinner Holly opened a few presents from Nonnie and Papa (my parents). She got a mermaid and she was very happy about that!! Then her and Papa sat together looking at the calendar we bought for him. It was sweet.

Needless to say, Holly passed out about 9pm she had so much fun.

Christmas morning was nice and we took our time getting to the presents, this is the last year we can do that because next year Holly will understand a LOT more and will be very anxious to open presents. But we all showered and dressed and had our traditional breakfast of donuts.

Then it was off to the presents. Holly really enjoyed the presents this year but when she’d open something she liked, she wanted to play with it right away and didn’t care about opening another so we just took our time with that.

Her favorite ones right away were…..

1. Bottles to feed her babies that were in her stocking. She immediately started feeding one of her little stuffed friends, it was really cute.

2. A compact mirror she rec’d in a little purse from a family friend. she kept opening and closing it looking at herself, it was really cute.

3. Grandma bought Mommy a Christmas house that when you push a button you hear the story of the Night Before Christmas. Holly loved this and wanted to hear it over and over.

4. The teaset santa brought her. She had to set up her tea table right away and poured tea in every cup, over and over. It was really cute.

5. World travelor Dora. She loves Dora and the more Dora the better in her eyes!!!

6. Play McDonald’s food. She loves Chicken and French Fries from McDonald’s so we new she’d love the play food and she did.

7. Dora’s Castle. She got the entire castle and playsets from Nana and Papa and she can’t wait to open that.

She received so many other gifts and she really did love them all, these are just a few of them. Now to find places to put it all, that’s the big Christmas Challenge!

We then had a really nice dinner and after dinner we went to my brother’s house for dessert.

It was a beautiful Christmas and we enjoyed every minute of it this year.

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  1. Great Pictures! Who needs Scrapbooking when you have a blog!!!! Sounds like you all had a really nice time. Your table looks so pretty and I love that you got a picture of all of your family around the table. I love all of Holly’s presents and Lil D enjoyed looking at the pictures too. I absolutely love the talking house with the night before Christmas. What a neat idea! Miss You Lots!

  2. WOW…it look s like you guys had a trememndous Christmas! How fun for Holly…she’ll be very busy for the next while playing with all those new toys!

  3. Karen, I can’t believe all those gifts. She’s not spoiled at all. LOL, I hope I have a girl someday, because I’ll do the same thing! I really wish I took a photo of us around the table like you did. I’ll try to remember for next time. All that hard work need to be documented!

  4. Karen, you and Steve both out did yourselves – again! Connie and I enjoyed Christmas as usual at the Wilmes’. Thanks for a great visit and we hope to be able to return the favor. Have a great and healthy New Year.

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