My Cutie Pie…

Holly looks forward everyday for her daddy to come home from work. She’s usually waiting by the door to see his car pull up and then she gets all excited. They have their play time after dinner and boy do they play. I think sometimes Holly thinks she’s a boy and likes to rough house. It’s really cute watching them play. Holly has learned to use daddy as a human slide….it’s the funniest thing and they both enjoy it. I don’t hear daddy complaining. Here are some pictures of them playing together, he was tickling her with a hand puppet. She loved it!!

Holly can count to ten (though she always leaves out one) and she can spell her name. Of course she can’t write anything yet, but she makes little tick marks on the paper while she spells her name. I’ve been trying all week to get it on video so I can share it with everyone and I finally did. She says the H very quietly then the rest get louder. I tried to get her to do it a second time but she was distracted half way through. She also discovered that she can see her self on my camera and on my computer so the last few days have been difficult getting pictures of her because she just wants to look at them. She says “more Holly, more Holly”. It’s cute, but it makes it hard for this picture taking mom to get take her pictures!

Oh and we finally hit the 10,000 mark with pictures. We almost made it to her 2nd birthday but not quite. Now the numbers reset and we are back at 001. 10,000 pictures in 2 years! WOW!!!! That’s a lot of pictures. Do you think I have a problem??? LOL

Here’s the video, Enjoy!!!

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