I have been teaching Holly to hold up 2 fingers to show she is Two years old (One more month to go) and also I’ve been trying to catch on video her counting from 1 to 10. It hasn’t been easy, she doesn’t perform on command. We did try one afternoon this past week but all she was interested in was jumping and climbing up the side of the chair. Here she is….

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  1. We love seeing all the videos of her even those that she doesn’t preform in. Hi sweetie,love grandma and grandpa w.

  2. Isn’t this wonderful, grandma W? We can see her in action while we are not around….keep it up Karen, we are enjoying it.!!

  3. I love these videos. It is awesome to hear your voice and Holly’s voice. Online, you assign voices to the entries you read, now I have an actual connection. I know you fam must love these videos.

  4. Holly is growing so fast! How nice that we can now view videos of her — makes being so far away a little less painful. Thanks bunches, Karen!

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