Netflix…and more….

I love the idea of netflix. For those of you who don’t know about netflix…It’s an online video store. You sign up to get so many movies at a time and pay one price for the month. Keep them as long as you want, return them quickly and get more and you can do this as many or as little time each month, but pay the same price. We get two at a time and sometimes they stick around here for a while but I don’t have to worry about any late fees. I just returned 2 movies yesterday so in a few days I’ll have 2 more. One is “Walk The Line”. Everyone has been raving about this movie so I had to order it. I really hope it’s here by the weekend. I don’t think, I mean I know Steve will NOT watch it with me but that’s ok, I really want to see it. The other movie I ordered, well it’s not really a movie, Grey’s Anatomy Season 1. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I didn’t really watch it too much season one but I’m hooked this season. I need to see them all from the beginning.

Today Holly and I are going to the Waterford Mall. They have an indoor playground that’s perfect for her size. I’m meeting my friend Cara there with her daughter Chloe that is the same age as Holly. They are so cute together. It should be fun. I’ve got my camera charged up so I’ll be posting some pictures here in a few days.

I came across this picture that I took a couple of weeks ago. Holly isn’t much of a climber but this day she was trying to climb into her toy box. Too cute!

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