It’s A Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are happy to announce that we will be having our second baby girl in April and she looks great! Everything in the ultrasound is perfect and we are so excited. All those cloths of Holly’s that she didn’t get to wear much because she has so many, will have a change to be worn by her little sister.

Here’s her first profile picture…….. can you see her nose and ear????

And here’s a picture of one of her legs…….. see her foot to the left???

When we got there we told him we did want to know the sex and the first thing that we saw when he put the thingy on my belly was this……..

I took one look at the picture and I said to him “Your going to tell me that’s a girl, aren’t you?” and he said yes!! I saw it right away, I’m pretty proud of that. See a mother always knows! LOL

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  1. Hey Karen, Steve, and Holly!
    Congratulations on another girl! My in-laws were over and I had the computer on and kept refreshing until the update came – we’re all thrilled for you guys. There really is something special about having two of the same sex! Now for the name… 🙂

    Talk to you soon!
    Becky (and Joey and Tommy)

  2. Yeahhhh Karen Steve and Holly!!!! A sweet little girl to add more joy and laughter to your home. Holly is going to be a great big sister! We are so excited for you All. What wonderful ultrasound pictures you got, they are so clear. I love that little nose!

    Karen and her little scrapbooking ladies!!!! How Fun!

    Congratulations again and I am glad that the ultrasound went well.


  3. Congratulations Karen & family! That is so exciting! I agree that there is something special about having kids in the same sex! Can;t wait to see you scrap her!


  4. CONGRATS Karen, that is so exciting. I am glad you were finally able to get a good pic of the babe. Now the fun part begins…thinking up a name 🙂
    I will respond to your e-mail this weekend. I am so happy for you 🙂

  5. A girl!!!!! Yeah!!!!! Kaitlyn wants to know how you know it’s a girl….I’ll leave that one for you to explain. Congrats to all and we are so happy for you all! I’ll call over the weekend to catch up on everything!


    Mark, Sue, Kaitlyn and Alex

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