1st Communion….time flies

Today was my nephew Jonathan’s 1st communion. We ended up getting there a little late because Holly hasn’t been feeling well and we wanted to make sure she had her nap before we left. We didn’t miss much, but I didn’t get to see him walk in. He looked so grown up though! Where did the time go (just like my post the other day). It seems like it was just yesterday we were there, in the same church christening him (he’s my god child too) and now he’s making his 1st communion. Unbelievable!!!

Here is a picture of him and I:

His class made a quilt. They each had a square to work on…here is Jonathan pointing to the square he made. I love how Jonathan is pointing to the square..what a cute pose. Kristopher was all smiles (as usual) but Holly was too busy working the grapes over. Good thing they were sewn on.

Danielle snapped this picture of Holly and I right after church…she wouldn’t stop hugging me. I loved every minute of it.

We had a nice day. Holly did great considering that she wasn’t feeling the last couple of days. She had a good time too.

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