No picture…………

No picture with Santa yesterday. That’s ok, i really didn’t expect that she would but it was worth a try. She did enjoy seeing him at first glimpse, then lost interest and just wanted to see the balls on the christmas trees (she’s obsessed with anything round!). But we tried and if I can get to the mall again next week, I’ll try again. I’m not going to push it. She’s never had her picture taken with Santa yet, but someday she will I’m sure.

She received a christmas gift from my husband’s aunt and uncle this past weekend. They bought her a dora table and chairs. She LOVED IT!!! We have it set up in our TV/Playroom right now and hope to move it into her bigger bedroom once she’s in there, but she loves to sit there, eat her snack,color, play with her blocks and she even puts her Pooh Bear (who is almost as big as her) in the chair next to her and they play and eat together. It’s so cute. Can’t wait till she gets her tea set and her and daddy can sit and have tea together. Her Daddy can’t wait either.

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