Mystic Aquarium

This past week the girls and I went to Mystic with Nana and Papa (Steve’s parents). It was so crowded but we still had a good time. The girls loved it. They went a few weeks ago with Steve but he didn’t have the camera with him but I had it this time.

Holly was a little scared at first when she saw the big whales, but she got over that pretty quickly. Allison just looked and smiled at everything.

Here are some pictures….

Holly was very excited to see the fish!

Allison was enjoying the seals
The penguins are mommy’s favorite part!

See the frog??

Holly was so brave. She went into the bird area and fed the birds and even held one. I was so proud of her!

Just a few pictures of the many fish they have there

Holly even touched a millipede. Mommy would never do that, but my brave girl did!

It was a really FUN day!

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