Time is flying by…..

The time since Allison was born has gone by so fast for us. It’s amazing how the second time around is SO different than the first. Part of it is that Allison is such a different baby than Holly, but also we know (or at least have an idea) of what we are doing. I’ve already got Allison on some type of schedule, but since we already have ‘schedules’ for Holly, it’s so much easier get Allison on one. Of course she still has her moments where things don’t go as scheduled but for the most part they do. We are just enjoying her so much and she’s getting SO big SO fast.
Monday night she slept really well too. I don’t expect this every night now but she went to bed at 8:30pm and woke at 2:30 to eat, then back to sleep till 7:30. That was really good for her. Usually she’s up around 1am then again at 4am to eat so I got some extra sleep with only getting up for one feeding. She makes me so proud!!!

Holly hasn’t done pee pees on the potty again, but we are trying. Now I know that she knows what to do so we just got to keep on trying. She’s still doing great with Allison too and this past weekend she told me that Allison is her best friend. Isn’t that great! I loved it and I told her that I really hope that she always feels that way. So here is a cute picture I got of the new “best friends’ tonight in their PJ’s…………

Holly giving her little sister one of many kisses throughout the day….

After we had dinner tonight I took Holly out back to play for a little bit. It’s hard to get outside with her during the day with Allison’s naps and it’s been hot, so tonight it was beautiful out and perfect to play. I gave her some sidewalk chalk and she had a great time. She usually has fun playing with just about anything!

After we came inside it was bath time and PJ’s time for the girls. Usually Steve takes care of Holly and I’ve got Allison. After Allison’s bath, she was in a really good mood (not that she is usually in a bad mood) so I took some cute pictures of her and I got a great smile. She’s such a ham once she gets going. Love her!!!

It’s been over a week since I’ve updated so here are a few pictures that I’ve taken since then…..

Another “happy” picture of Allison…….she loves to laugh!!!

I thought this picture was so funny I had to share.. I love the way it looks like Allison is squeezing her cheeks together. LOL

I had a monkey on my back……
And last but not least our little ballerina………she just won’t let me get a picture of her looking at the camera……

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. Omg Karen – Beautiful pictures. I am sitting here ohhhing and ahhhing. Love them all. Allison is getting so big fast!!!! Awesome pics of the girls together too!
    miss you all!

  2. Did we not see you all a week ago? Are you sure you didn’t swap out Allison for an older kid?
    They’re still cuties!

  3. Wow! I haven’t seen the girls in over a week and they both have changed so much. Tell Holly I love the Ballarina! Allison’s features have changed quite a bit. Hope to see you soon.

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