Watering the Flowers………

Wow, two posts in one week by me, that just doesn’t happen anymore. LOL
Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon at my parents house. I try to visit with them about once a week if I can. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside yesterday. The sun was shining and there was hardly any humidity, just perfect.

On our way there, we stopped at Walmart to see if they had a pool for Holly. We had to replace the one we had because we lost the plug to it and now the water won’t stay in it, imagine that. lol Anyways, it was the first opportunity to use the new double stroller that I got this week. Holly loved being next to her sister, she kept leaning over giving her kisses, it was really cute.
Here’s a picture of them………

While we were visiting at my parents house, Holly helped Nonnie water her flowers. She had so much fun with the hose, we were outside for a while, just playing in the water, she really enjoyed herself.
Here are some pictures…………

She kept telling me to put my camera down, she didn’t want me taking anymore pictures.

And then after dinner we had some ice cream cones. This was the second time Holly ate ice cream out of a cone, normally I put it in a dish and she just plays with it mostly. But in the cone, she actually EATS the ice cream. Here are some cute pictures of her………

It was a nice day and a great visit.

Sorry no pictures of Allison yesterday…….I’ll take more over the weekend I’m sure.

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