First Round of Chemo Done!

Friday (6/27) Steve completed his first round of Chemo.  He was so happy to have the visiting nurse remove the IV and he was excited to take a nice long shower.  Something he can’t do while hooked up to Chemo.

He is doing well.  Just very tired.  Having the surgery in the same week as starting chemo, was very hard.  He’s sore from ‘babying’ his right side (where the port was put in) and hopes that the next round he’ll be more comfortable with the IV in.

As for side effects from Chemo, they were very minor.  He didn’t get nauseous (thankfully!), he was very tired, his taste buds were off a bit, and he didn’t seem to have much of an appetite (which we will work on as that’s not good for other reasons).  He also seems to be coughing a lot more.  I’m going to ask the doctor about that when we see him again the day before his next Chemo treatment starts. 

I won’t lie. It was a long, hard week.  Hopefully the hardest week on Chemo.  Steve and I are on an emotional roller coaster.  We have to get used to our new normal.  And finish accepting what is happening to us.  It’s not easy, trust me.  But we have to.   We don’t have a choice and we can’t change what is happening.  We can only move forward.

For me, my meds are helping and I’m not crying as much.  Makes it so much easier that way.  I hated to go back on them,  but right now I need to get through this as best as I can.  Especially for the girls.

Steve is going back to work this week – all week.  Except for the 4th.  He’s really looking forward to it and so am I.  It will help us to get back into a routine.  Even if for only one week.  And then the following week at least he won’t be having surgery before Chemo – it’ll just be chemo on Wed through Friday.

And as for the going to the Infusion center every other Wednesday for up to 7 hours… I told Steve to think of it as a standing date with me.  No one else there with us except the nurses, so it’s time for him and I to be together.  Even if we are working along side each other.  There are very few distractions.   Just trying to make the best out of a shitty situation.

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