2nd Day of Chemo At Home

Steve is doing great.  He’s just tired.  But he feels fine.

The side effects from Chemo can come on at anytime but he’s doing really well so that helps.  He had trouble sleeping last night because one of the meds is a steroid – the nurse warned us about it.

Steve is also having some back problems which is completely unrelated to the cancer, thankfully.  So his back was also very sore.  After he finally listened to me and took the pain pills they gave him at 2am, he was able to fall asleep and slept through till 10am!

Who knew I actually knew what I was talking about!

He’s tired still and has napped a few times but in general, he still feels great.  Let’s hope this continues.

The nurse comes back on tomorrow (Friday) afternoon to remove the IV and then he can go about his day.

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