Back in the hospital…..

I had to take Steve to the hospital today. His breathing hasn’t been very good and I just knew it needed to be addressed. I’m so glad we went because his oxygen level was VERY low.

They did a CT scan to check for a new blood clot, but found nothing. There is a little fluid in his lung but the doctor thinks it’s old and doesn’t believe it is related to this.

They did hear some crackling in one of his lungs so perhaps it’s a little collapsed but again, he didn’t think it would cause this much distress.

There is some progression of disease in his lungs so it could be a combination of everything.

They admitted him and have him on oxygen to get him to a better point and will slowly lower the amount they are giving him to see if they can get him off of it or to see if he needs it all the time.

And they are also going to run more tests to see if they can figure out what is the cause of his lack of oxygen.

We will see his oncologist in the morning and see what he has to say.  I’ll keep you all posted.

We’d appreciate any prayers that you can send our way. Disney is in 18 days and we really need to take this trip together!!!

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