First day of Pre-School

Today was Holly’s first day at Preschool!!! We decided to send her this year for just 2 half days a week and I already know it was a great idea. The day we signed her up, she had so much fun with the other kids, plus her friend Jakob is in her class and I think both of them are happy about that.

All day yesterday I kept telling her that she was going to start school tomorrow and Allison and I were going to leave her there for a little while and she was going to have a great time, and she was very excited for it.

This morning we got up, got all 3 of us ready to go then I started taking pictures. She was pretty good about it, but she’s not much of a picture taker. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t, I held it in, but I can’t believe my first baby is old enough to go to preschool already.

Here’s the happy preschooler….

When we got there she was eager to begin her day, took off her coat, was greeted by Jakob and just wanted to go and play, and she did! One kiss for mommy then off she went. Just like that. She is ready for this, mommy is too. I didn’t cry, I wanted to and typing this makes me want to, but I’m not gonna cry. But I must say, it’s pretty quiet here right now with just me and Allison. I do miss her. But we will be leaving shortly to pick her up and I can’t wait to hear all about her morning!

I’m so proud of my big girl!

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  1. She looks cute!! I remember your first day at school….you won’t let me leave. She was really excited when I talked to her today. GREAT JOB HOLLY!!!

    nonnie and grandpa

  2. Wow, She looks so ready. Her Father cried forever on his first day at preschool. Way to go Holly. Nana and Papa are so proud of you but you are getting to be a big girl too fast. We miss you and Alison so much .

    Nana and Papa

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