“ok mom”
“here it is, mom”
“i love you, mom”
“can I have a snack, mom?”
“thank you, mom”

That’s what I’ve been hearing from Holly for about a week now, “mom”. I still get the occasional “mommy” but most of the day, I am just “mom”. This seems a little to early to make the shift from “mommy” to “mom”. I mean, she’s only been 3 for 2 months. I don’t think I’m ready to be “mom”……I am still “mommy”.

I need to slow down time, my Holly is growing up way too fast.

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  1. When you figure out how to slow down time, let me know, it just goes by too fast!!
    Um, when did Miss Allison start sitting by herself?? Did I miss that post somewhere?
    They are both cute beyond words!! You’re a very blessed Mommy!

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