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Just to start off, I don’t get as much keyboard time during the day where i can type, that’s why I haven’t been updating. It’s very hard to do an update one handed. Now that I’ve said that…..
Here are a bunch of pictures that I’ve taken over the last week or so that I want to share. The girls are doing great. Allison is 6 months old, amazing!! We enjoy her so much, she’s such a sweet baby and so loving too. Holly still can’t get enough of her baby sister and now she likes to hold her in the rocking chair and sing her a lullaby before she goes to bed at night, it’s very sweet.

Allison goes next week for her 6 month check up and I can’t wait to see how big she has gotten. She seems so heavy to me lately and I do think she’s a much better eater than Holly was at this age. She loves almost all the foods I feed her now, except she still HATES peas. The faces she makes and then she gag’s, well that tells me that she really HATES them. But I’ll still keep trying, eventually she will like them, I hope. We just tried some chicken this weekend and she wasn’t too crazy about it, but she’s like that with any new food so she’ll probably like it soon.

She is getting close to crawling. This past week (I was told, because I didn’t see this) she got up on all fours!!! She’s on her way!!! My parents where here this weekend and they saw her do it and I asked Steve if he’s seen her do it before or was that the first time and he said she’s done it before within the past few days. Oops, mommy missed that one! That’s OK. She does however, ROLL all over the floor now and she loves to grab Holly’s toys, especially her little people animals. For the most part, Holly is doing great with sharing her toys with Alli, there are only a few things she WON’T let her play with.

Holly is getting very excited about her birthday coming up in less than a month. I can’t believe my Holly girl is going to be 3!!!! She’s such a big girl and is getting smarter and smarter everyday. She is also VERY aware that she is going to get Birthday gifts this year and every morning when she is watching Nick Jr and there is an advertisement for a toy she announces “I get that too for my birthday”. Even if it’s a baby toy or a toy for a boy, she says she wants it. It’s really cute, but I’m afraid that she will be disappointed after her birthday. But then again, we’ll start right over with Christmas gifts. (As I type this she is in my room watching TV telling me ‘I get that mommy too” see what I mean).

Steve and I went to Toys R Us this weekend to get her a few things and wow is all i can say. There are so many FUN things that I could of bought her everything! But we didn’t. We figured as she gets older she’ll expect more so while we can still get away with it, we’d go easy on the toy buying, but we already know what we are going to get her for her birthday.

OK here are the pictures I promised. Hope you all have a GREAT week!!!

Holly’s new favorite thing to do…hold her sister.

Every now and then Allison will hold her bottle towards the end.

Holly finger painting for the first time. At first she just put a little bit on one finger but…

eventually she put her entire hands in the paint. She had lots of fun!

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