2 Months Old….

Allison was 2 months old on Sunday. She is getting so big too! We went for her check up yesterday and she weighs 10lbs 4 oz and is 22 1/4 inches long. The doctor was very happy with that. She’s growing perfectly! She also had her first round of shots. Mommy doesn’t like the shots anymore than her girls do. Allison actually did pretty well, she didn’t cry too much with the first one, but the second one must of really hurt because she screamed! The third one she was already screaming so that just continued. But after less than a minute she was fine again so I think she did really well. Unfortunately, she’s been running a very slight fever since she got them and didn’t sleep too good Monday night, but hopefully she’ll feel better Tuesday. Poor thing, I felt really bad for her.

Here is her monthly growth picture. She doesn’t look too much bigger from last month, however her face has changed SO MUCH………what do you think???

April 2007
May 2007
June 2007
She is changing every day.

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  1. Karen, she is so cute. I see the change in her from the last time I saw her. both girls are growing so fast. Hugs and kisses
    Love, Nana

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