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  1. This is the new family. Holly is taking a break from climbing up and down mommy’s hospital bed. The little cap that Allison is wearing has been worn by all 4 of my grandchildren. Jonathan 8 1/2, Kristopher 5, Holly 2 1/2 and Allison at 2 days old. We will now put it to rest until they all have children of their own. My precious FOUR. A very grateful grandmother!

  2. Oh Ang that is so nice about the little cap. That is what I thought but I wasn’t sure. What a nice family picture of Steve, Karen, Holly & Allison. And the picture of Holly laying on the floor is priceless! Congratulations AGain!

  3. What a beautiful family you have, Karen! Allison is so adorable! So glad to hear that everything went well with the birth process, and Karen, you look radiant! Thanks for the updates and photos, Jodi – such a happy time! 🙂

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