We are home……..

It feels so nice to be home with my family. Thank you Jodi for keeping everyone updated. You are such a great friend!!!!Allison and I came home on Saturday, we stayed one extra day and I’m glad we did. I’m nice and rested and feeling great. I enjoyed my time with her in the hospital, but it’s so good to be home with Holly and Steve now. My in laws left Sunday and we’ve spend the day together as a family and it’s been great.

Allison is doing fantastic. She is such a good baby. She is eating a lot and sleeping a lot too. Our first night home went very well. She woke up every 2.5-3 hours to eat, but went right back to sleep. She is experiencing some gas and seems to be very bothered by it in the evening but once we get her settled down and get the gas out, she seems to be very content and falls asleep. She’s a very noisy sleeper so I kept putting on the light thinking she was awake, but I will learn her noises over time.

I’m feeling great too, recovering very well from the c-section and Holly has been wonderful and understands that mommy can’t pick her up or get down on the floor with her right now. And Holly LOVES her sister Allison. She is not jealous at all of her (at least not yet) and wants to kiss her, touch her, tickle her and hold her all the time. It’s really sweet when she sits in my lap while I’m holding Allison. My two girls, I hope they always get along.

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday morning before we left the hospital.

All bundled up in her car seat. She didn’t like it at first but once Steve started moving around, she fell right asleep and then slept there for 2 hours after we got home. I guess she was comfortable.
Holly was very happy to have us home.

Holly was very proud to hold her sister Allison. She didn’t want to let go after I took this picture.

It was a very busy day and Holly fell asleep in daddy’s lap last night. It was so cute!

That’s it for now. Thanks for all your well wishes.

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  1. She is a beautiful baby! I am so glad everything is going so well. I am psyched to see more pictures!!!! ttyl xo j

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