Essex Steam Train

We lived in southern RI/CT for about 12 years.  We’ve been parents for about 8 years and we have driven by the Essex Steam train hundreds of times but we never took the girls on the train until this Spring.  We knew we’d be moving further away and it would make it even more of a distance so we made sure we set aside some time while packing to take them.

I’m glad we did – they loved it!

It’s not the train to New York, which they really want to take with Mommy some day, but it was still a nice, fun train ride.

It reminded me of when I was in 6th grade.  Our end of the year treat was a ride on the Essex Steam Train and the Essex Steam Boat.  We actually went right by the yacht club that Steve grew up going to, which I found pretty ironic!  As we were riding the train I told the girls about my class trip and promised them once we unpack all my old photo albums, I’d show them some pictures from that day. They are excited to see them (I still haven’t unpacked them).

I snapped some pictures of the girls while riding the train and I can’t get over how grown up Holly looks in these pictures.  I realize she is almost 8 but to see these pictures just blows my mind…

And then there is this silly girl who smiles all the time – and I love it- and she’s not my baby anymore, she goes to Kindergarten in the fall….

And she laughs a lot too!!..

They really enjoyed the train ride and they are looking forward to another one some day – but they seriously  want to take the train to NYC with mommy some day and I promised them we would!

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