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Big Summer Adventure – Getting Their Ears Pierced

Holly has been hesitant for a while about getting her ears pierced.  But when she noticed her friend Katie had her ears pierced and had mickey mouse earrings, she decided she definitely wanted her’s done.  We had to wait until the summertime because her dance recital was at the end of the school year and she can’t wear earrings during the recital.  She was OK with this because that gave her time to digest the fact that she was going to do it.

I am traveling for a bit this summer so in between my trips, Steve thought it would be a good idea to take Holly to have her ears pierced because she had mentioned a few times she really was ready to do it.  So after dinner last night, we headed to the mall but we didn’t tell the girls what we were doing.  I was afraid that Holly would get too nervous if she had a lot of time to think about what she was doing.

Once we got to the mall and gave her the good news, she jumped up and down super excitedly and was still very willing to have them pierced.  Now we couldn’t get into the mall fast enough!

Allison said to me “What about me?”.  I told her that she is more than welcome to get them done as well but she hadn’t really seemed as interested in it as Holly was.  She decided she’d see how much Holly cried and then make her decision.  I figured, she won’t be doing it because I knew Holly was going to HATE it.  But I didn’t tell Holly that.

We prepared Holly by telling her she’d feel two pinches on each ear because they were going to pierce them at the same time.  I figured that was the best way to describe it because after it was done, she’d be fine. She was still so excited and the nervousness hadn’t set in just yet.

Ready to go….


And then right before they did it, she got very nervous and was having a hard time with it.   We gave her the option of not doing it but she said she really wanted to.  I assured her it wasn’t that bad, because really it wasn’t.  And I knew that wasn’t a lie because it really isn’t that bad.  It hurts for like a moment then she will be fine.   Once it was done she would have pierced ears for the rest of her life!  She was still on board so they began.  One girl on each side of her ready to pierce her ears….

She started to cry, she wanted to cry, she figured she should cry, but then all of a sudden she started laughing between tears and realized IT WAS DONE!!! AND SHE DID IT.  She was SO proud of herself and so happy it was done and it wasn’t that bad.

I am so proud of my big girl!


So Allison was up next!


She was super confident that this was going to be SO EASY.  She talked the girl at the store’s ear off until it was time to pierce her ears.  She didn’t get nervous at all even when they began their prep so we figured this was going to go really well.  And they they did it….


And she cried!!!  But not for long. However,  we felt so bad for her.  She didn’t take it as well as Holly and then the girl told them both that since they were so brave they could have TWO lollipops —– and the tears were gone…. and the crying was over.

Now they both have beautiful earrings and when we go to Disney in the fall, they can get some Mickey Earrings.

The world is as it should be.

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