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Lollipop Seeds

Have you heard of Lollipop Seeds?  I hadn’t until Friday.  Allison had to go to the dentist and while there they told us about how the Easter Bunny sometimes brings Lollipop Seeds the day before Easter which you then spread on the ground and when the Easter Bunny comes, he spreads his magic on them and Lollipop’s grown.

Doesn’t that sound cool?

So the ladies at the office told my girls that they’d get in touch with the EB and ask him to bring us some Lollipop seeds.  We were going to my inlaws for the weekend and we were really excited when we got there and realized he did indeed drop off some Lollipop seeds!!!  I guess the dentist has a direct link to the Easter Bunny – I personally think they are in this together along with the Tooth Fairy!

Anyways, the girls and I spread the seeds in Nana and Papa’s yard and then waited to see if the Lollipops would grow.  Holly noted how many seeds were there and was excited that there would be a TON of lollipops in the morning but I pointed out to her that when you plant seeds, they don’t all grow.

So this morning we looked out the window and guess what we saw? Some Lollipops that grew overnight.  It was pretty cool and they were super excited.   Considering that Papa can’t even grow tomatoes in his yard – this was some major magic happening there!

They really enjoyed picking the Lollipops and still can’t believe that they actually grew – me either!

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