Things are going well……

Allison is doing so well. She is such a good baby and easy too. She is sleeping GREAT and eating up a storm. She seems to have mommy’s appetite! She goes for her 1 week check up tomorrow and I’m sure her doctor will be pleased with her.

We are enjoying her so much, when she is awake though that’s not too much. Holly just LOVES her baby sister and gets so upset when she goes to sleep. She was having fun ‘playing’ with Allison while she was in her crib watching her butterfly/dragonfly mobile but after a while Allison started falling asleep. Holly was not happy with that and wanted me to wake her up. We have been trying to explain to her that Allison will sleep a lot right now and in time she will be awake more but Holly doesn’t want to hear it, she just wants to play with her baby sister.

Here are a few pictures we’ve taken over the last few days.

Allison enjoying her mobile and big sister…
Holly playing with Allison in her crib….

Me and my girls…..
Holly wants to be swaddled now that we swaddle Allison. She didn’t like this when she was Allison age though….

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!!!

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  1. Wow! You two have beautiful daughters! I forgot on how open new borns eyes are after the first day or so. Very cute! Give Holly and Allison kisses from us all.


    Mark, Sue, Kaitlyn and Alex

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