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The Easter Bunny Came!

We spend Easter at my inlaws but the Easter Bunny always finds us there.  One year he left us seeds to grow lolipops and he knew we’d be there so he left them there.

Easter Baskets

Once again he left them some fun baskets only this year they weren’t as big as normal because the Easter Bunny hurt it’s foot and couldn’t hop along as well to gather more stuff for the baskets.  But he did leave chocolate balls all over the fireplace and the girls LOVED That.  We thought maybe they were Easter Bunny droppings but thankfully they turned out to be delicious chocolate eggs.  WHEW!

I didn’t get a picture of the girls dressed up but did manange to snap a few pictures of them while opening their Easter Baskets…

Easter Morning

Both shots came out blurry but you can still see how big they are getting!  Love these girls.

We had a great Easter and they are still working on their candy.  After a few days they lost interest so the rest of it may get sent to work with daddy soon.  I don’t want to eat it all myself.

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