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A Day In Allison’s Life – Zebra Outfit for the Day 2/15/13

I let Allison dress herself.  She wants to so I’d rather she become independent than always rely on me.  That said, after Kindergarten we may have to work on her outfits more because some days the things she picks out wont fly in the upper grades.

Here was today’s outfit…

Allison Zebra Clothes

My favorite part is the blue Ariel socks with the black buckled shoes that have the worn out toes because she wears them every.single.day.  And lets talk about the skirt – that is a Halloween dress up skirt but she likes to wear it as an everyday skirt.  And the T-Shirt just cracks me up.  Notice what it says on the shirt “I Like Being Me”.  It’s PERFECT for her because she really is her own person.  But I have to give the girl credit.  She matched the blue socks to the blue writing on the T-Shirt.

Just another day in Kindergarten and I think she looks GREAT!

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