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Mystic Aquarium

This weekend we visited Mystic Aquarium. We received free press passes, I just have to blog about our trip. Easy enough considering it saved us over $100!! Yup you read that right, had we paid for all four of us it would of cost us over $100. $28 per adult and $20 per child 3 and over so we would of had to pay for Allison too. Plus they charged $3.00 to go on the Voyage adventure (Holly and I went) and then $3.00 each for us to feed the birds (we got 3 sticks of food). Total = $111 for 3 hours.

Steve would of never paid it, I said we would of because the girls enjoyed it, but I’m glad we didn’t! lol

I’d say the girls favorite part was feeding the birds. I will admit I really enjoyed it too…

And Allison loved the Sea Lion Show. She looks so grown up in this picture!

How cute is this! I’m so glad they like each other (most of the time) LOL

There must of been about a million frogs and tadpoles too! It was pretty cool. The girls loved trying to find them all. They blended in very well!

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