Today’s Update

Jodi here… I spoke with Karen this morning and everyone is doing well. I read to her all the well wishes that everyone posted to her. Thank You!

Karen is blissfully enjoying Allison and on her road to recovery. Allison is sleeping and eating just great (burping and pooing too which is exiciting news when you have a new baby!) Holly I am sure is loving all the playtime with her Daddy and Grandparents and Steve is holding down the fort. Holly is understanding that mommy is staying at the doctors and she goes home with Daddy. She understands too that Baby Sister will be coming home to their house. I am sure she will be a great big sister!

When I first saw the picture of Allison I couldn’t help think “does she look like Holly when Holly was born?” Isn’t it funny that we do that when a baby is born? We want to know who they resemble. So I had to dig thru my stored photos from almost 2 1/2 years ago. I found Holly’s newborn picture. And no, they don’t look too much alike right now. It will be interesting to see as Allison grows if they will look alike. Here is the comparison photo. Holly is the top picture.

Karen and Steve have two beautiful girls!!!!

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  1. Great post Jodi! You truly are a great friend for Karen! I love the picture of both Holly and Allison! Cute little girls. Have you got to go see them yet?

  2. No, they really don’t look alike! Of course, we can’t see Allison’s hair in that pic. They are both truly beautiful!

  3. Great idea Jodi! I can see a few similarities in their faces, but also differences. I can’t wait to see how they grow together.

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