Standing A LOT!

Allison is standing a LOT! Just about anything she can pull herself up on, she does. Saturday morning, Steve was holding her while she waited for her bottle and when I gave it to her, I told him he could just sit her down on the floor and she’d hold it all by herself. Well he figured he’d lean her against the couch, sitting down. She did NOT want to sit, she wanted to stand so when he put her down, she wouldn’t bend her legs so here is how he left her.

It was so cute, I had to grab my camera and get a picture. Like I said, she’s standing A LOT!

She loves to stand up and grab what ever Holly has on her Dora table too. We had to reorganize the toys this weekend since she can get into everything. This weekend while Holly was sitting having her Cheerios before bed, Allison decided she’d stand there, at the dora table, and have some Cheerios with her sister. It was so cute! Holly loved sharing them with her. Of course I snapped some pictures.

Here she is standing at the gate at the top of the stairs. She’s so proud of herself when she does it too!

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