Snow Day!!!

We finally got some more snow. Holly was super excited because she got to go out and play in the snow. And Daddy was also super excited because he got to play with her in the snow, something he’s never had the chance to do because by the time he gets home it’s always too dark and it hardly ever snows. They both had a lot of fun. I picked up a little disc like sled for her last time it snowed and she had a blast sledding down the little hill in our side yard. Here are some pictures…..

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  1. Poor Allison, I’ll bet she wanted to go outside with Daddy and her sister and play. but it looks like Holly had a blast. How great are those pics? Papa and I just loved looking at them. love, Marge.

  2. Poor Allison, she wishes she could play with Big Sister and Daddy out in that nice snow. Maybe next year. Love the pics Karen..good job.

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