Dressing herself and water shoes….

Orange Socks

Holly hasn’t quite gotten to the point that she picks out the cloths she wants to wear but I know those moments are approaching us quickly after this weekend. I keep her socks in the top draw of the changing table and lately whenever we get dressed, she has to open the draw and insists that I put socks on her, even though I may not be putting shoes on her, she wants socks. Ok, that’s fine, I usually pick out a pair to match her outfit and give them too her. She tries first to put them on, then I finish the job and we are happy. Well yesterday she decided she was going to pick out the color of the socks that she was going to wear. She kept grabbing the orange pair and I was trying to give her the white pair. She just tossed the white pair back in the draw and said “no” several times until I finally decided that if she wanted to wear Orange socks, she can wear Orange socks. The thing was she had on a red and denim outfit, but I guess the closer she gets to being 2, the more and more she probably won’t match. I need to accept this and let that battle slide by because there will be lots more battles that she can NOT win. This one I will let slide and here’s the cute (of course) result of her color matching.

Other exciting news…….

Some of you know that I’ve been trying to get Holly to wear sandal’s or some other kind of shoe this summer rather than socks and tie up shoes. I haven’t been very successful and every time I put the sandal’s in front of her, she says very firmly “No”. Well her grandma bought her a pair of water shoes a couple of weeks ago and she actually let me put them on her, but they didn’t fit. I was so happy she at least let me try. Yesterday Grandma brought over 2 more pair to try on. At first she didn’t want anything to do with them and we kept trying and trying and by the end of the day, she gladly let me and grandma put them on her. I was so happy, but now I have a feeling she may be wearing these water shoes, everywhere, all summer. But that’s ok, they go on quick and easy and don’t need to be tied.

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  1. How cute! Love all the pictures. Holly is looking older and older everyday! She is changing so much! I love the trying on the shoes pic – great shot!!!! Yeah no more tie up shoes with socks hopefully, it makes me hot just thinking about wearing socks in the summertime!!!! So sweet!

  2. Always such cute pictures of Holly!! Love the orange socks with the red outfit – she’s such a cutie!! 🙂 Yay for you and Holly – water socks are a step closer to sandals!!

  3. I loved this story. It is so about her asserting her independence. Loved the photos of the orange socks. My nephew also dislikes wearing shoes and prefers bare feet or white socks. Kids are funny 🙂

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