4 months old….

Allison’ turned 4 month’s old on Friday. Can you believe it’s been 4 months already?? I sure can’t. She is getting bigger and bigger each day. Yesterday I went through her closet and took out all her newborn cloths. It was sad, but it had to be done. She’s wearing right now 3-6 months but there are a few of her 0-3 month one piece dresses that still fit so I kept those for a few more weeks. It seems like she is getting very tall. I can’t wait till Thursday for her appointment to find out exactly how much she has grown.

I took the monthly picture with the zebra and put them all in a collage to see the difference each month. It’s amazing how much she has changed!!

I also started her on Rice cereal on her 4 month birthday. I probably should of waited till she went for her appointment, but I didn’t. She really likes it. At first she wasn’t too sure, but after a few spoonful’s she was sold. By the 3rd day, she was really enjoying it. I have to give her the bottle first or she can’t eat fast enough but then she really enjoys the cereal.

She’s also still sleeping through the night. She’s always been a great sleeper and she just keeps getting better. And she wakes up so happy, it’s wonderful.

A few pictures of the girls………

Allison’s first spoonful of cereal….

Have a great week!

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  1. It’s amazing how big Allison is getting! Time goes by so quick!! Your girls are so cute and just keep getting cuter (if that’s really possible!).

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