Time sure does fly…

When you are having fun and I really am with the girls. Holly is just getting so big and becoming more and more of big girl each day and the toddler is slowly fading away. She is pretty much potty trained, she only wears a pull up when we go out and at night. Even when we are out she will ask to go to the potty. Sometimes 3 and 4 times at one place, but I know I have to just go with it. She doesn’t use her little potty much anymore. She goes right into the bathroom and sits on the big potty all by herself and then comes to me to help her put her pants back on. It’s amazing how well she caught on, we are very proud of her.
Gotta love the rain boots with the dress…

Allison is just amazing. She’s grabbing onto everything that she can reach and it goes right into her mouth now. She can sit up really well when we prop her up and loves to look around and watch her sister. How her face lights up when Holly comes around, it’s so great to see them both so happy with each other.

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  1. Love the boots w/ the dress, is Holly wanting to dress herself now? too fun! And that pic of Allison on the couch really looks like Holly to me. You have some beautiful girls Karen.

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