My 1st attempt at Digital Scrapbooking…

I’m taking an online class by Renee Pearson to learn how to Digital Scrapbook. I don’t think I will go ALL digital, but I DO want to learn. Santa Claus brought me Photoshop Elements 4.0 so that’s what I’m using.

Here is the first lesson and my first ever Digital Page. Of course this isn’t going into Holly’s scrapbook, it will be in my “Learning Digital Scrapbooking” scrapbook.

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  1. Hi there! I’m in Renee’s class too! I love your page! Great job! Digi is definetely new for me too so it’s great to see others enjoying this new process too! I feel the same way too about still maintaining my traditional scrapbooking as the main thing. I just love all the textures and the fun of painting, distressing, etc. But it’s also fun to incorporate digital elements into the layouts!

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