A Trip Up North…

Holly and I took a trip up to New Hampshire yesterday to visit with Jodi, Lil David and a friend of ours from college Jenny. (Hi Jodi and Jenny!!!). It was a beautiful day for a drive…the sun was out and it was nice and warm (but not HOT) and it just made me feel so good to be out in it. Holly did fantastic on the ride up. She slept for about 45 minutes right in the middle of the 2.5 hour drive…it was perfect! She even let me listen to most of my music all the way there…that was a treat for me.

Holly and David played so nice together…they are starting to interact together which is so nice to see. They were eating their lunch, sitting next to each other and David had ketchup for his french fries. I’ve tried giving it to Holly before but she didn’t really like it. I decided to try again so I dipped one of her fries in David’s ketchup. She touched the ketchup with a finger barely getting any on it and then tasted it. She didn’t want it so she put the entire fry on David’s dish for him to eat. It was the cutest thing. They understand so much it’s amazing!!!

I didn’t take any pictures (bad me) but Jodi did. I’ll get some from her to post here. But we had a wonderful visit and the 3 of us girls laughed so much that my stomach hurt at times….it was fun! We are going to try to get together again soon. I’d like them to come visit us so we can take the kids to the zoo next time.

But Holly was just a good girl all day and she was awake the entire ride home and just enjoyed it. Again, she let me listen to my music most of the way home. She’s growing up too fast!!!

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