Feeling Better…

The girls and I are finally feeling better. Holly still has a little bit of a cough but last night she didn’t wake up coughing so that is good. I felt so bad for Holly last week because she was running a fever for two days and she just hung out, but she was so sweet even though she was sick. She also has learned to give into being tired and will take a nap now. She hasn’t had a regular nap since she was 2! She naps at school two days a week and I didn’t think she’d even nap there and she does. So when she was sick, she wasn’t afraid to tell me she was tired. I got the cutest picture of her sleeping on the couch the other day. Isn’t she so adorable?

Allison was feeling better by the time Holly started running a fever so that was easier for me. While Holly slept on the couch, Allison just let her be and played by herself. Of course when she saw me she flashed me that cute smile.
My new camera arrived this week!!!

Just in time for Bob and Melissa’s wedding. We are heading to PA this week for their wedding on Saturday the 20th. Holly is all fired up to put on her dress, her pretty ballet slippers and walk down the aisle. She wants daddy to walk with her and Melissa said that is fine. It’s probably the only way she’ll go down the aisle. I think it’s going to be adorable seeing her and Steve walking down the aisle together.

Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures considering I’ll also be trying to keep Allison still in church without Steve’s help. It’s not an easy task, as it shouldn’t be, she’s only 1.

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