Cowgirl Boots are COOL when you are 7


Cowgirl boots are cool when you are 7 and 37.  But this 7 year old recently discovered just how cool they are!  Holly received the above pink cowgirl boots a few years ago from a friend – they were a hand me down.  They didn’t fit her and pretty much were pushed to the back of her closet.  One weekend I cleaned our her closet and they resurfaced again and………… she hasn’t taken them off since.

This picture was taking on her 7th birthday and the bus driver thought she got these boots for her birthday.  I explained that they were old and had been ‘rediscovered’ after some cleaning.

Holly wanted to wear them to school but I said ‘No, your feet will hurt by the end of the day”.  But as usual Holly didn’t take that as a final answer and it was early, I had barely drank my coffee – so I gave in!  (again)

I told her she could wear them under one condition that I get to take her picture.  She said ok and I actually got a good smile out of her, which is very hard to do these days.

She. looked. adorable… don’t you think?

We are growing out her bangs and I love how cute she looks with her hair back in a headband, but believe me when I tell you she doesn’t come home looking this neat.  Her hair is usually hanging in front of her face and it drives me crazy.  I’ll snap a picture some day to show you.  It’s pretty bad.

She’s been wearing the cowgirl boots on and off since then ( this picture was taken in November 2011 ) and they haven’t hurt her feet……… or so she tells me!

Now Allison keeps asking for a pair of Cowgirl boots…………. she will look just as adorable.

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