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“Girlie” Cousins

My cousin Mia turned 50 this month and Danielle hosted a little birthday party at Twin Oaks.  She had no idea and was very surprised (and happy!) when she arrived and realized she wasn’t having dinner with just Danielle.

We had a nice dinner and it was good to be together as a family.  It was also a great opportunity to get a picture of all the ‘girl’ cousins since they’ve all grown so much.  I look at Danielle, Stephanie and Alyssa and I remember the days they were born, as if it were yesterday. And then I laugh at myself thinking I must be old because that’s what old people say when they see kids!

But it’s true – they are all grown up and BEAUTIFUL!  See……….


Auntie Teresa would be so happy to see all 5 of the girls – and so proud of her granddaughters.  I miss her so much and she’s been on my mind a lot lately as I look at my girls and am sadden by the fact that she never knew them.  But anyways they are all beautiful and each one is a “girlie girl” which I love.

And yes – Allison has a Zebra dress, it’s one of many!

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