2nd Opinion

We saw our 2nd opinion doctor today who is the best in RI and came HIGHLY recommended by many.  He agreed with our current Oncologist and thinks this chemo regimen is really the best way to start.  And then see what happens in 2-3 months when they do the first scan.  At that point he said if it isn’t working, we should think about something else.  He’d be more than happy to talk with us then but sees no reason to do anything else right now.

Knowing he feels the same way makes us even more confident that this is the best thing for Steve.  And we really like our current Oncologist so we’ll be staying with him.  However, our 2nd opinion doctor also said at any point if we have any questions, he’d be more than happy to answer them for us.  We really liked him as well.

So at 8am tomorrow morning Steve and I will begin his to fix him.

Step 2 – DONE!

Our 2nd opinion oncologist pointed out to us that this is going to be harder on me than it will be on Steve.   Steve and I had already discussed this and we know that is the case.  All of a sudden I turned 41 and became the adult I was resisting to become.   And sadly, all in the same day.   Being a caregiver isn’t something I expected to be for a long time, but that’s my role now.  And while I’m happy to do it because I love my husband, it has already proven to be hard at times.

So I also saw my doctor today and she recommended I go back on my medication to help me stay above water through all of this.    She also recommended I find a support group for me.  And I agree.  I will need a lot of help at times but I don’t know how to ask for help.  I need to learn that I can’t do it all and I don’t have to.

Of course, there is always a possibility that Steve will not be sick from Chemo, which would help my role a lot.  But we don’t know what will happen.  We are anxious to start and we will tomorrow.

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.  We really appreciate it.  Steve hates that so many people are affected by this, but is also grateful for everyone at the same time.

Someone that I know recently went through chemo and is starting radiation tomorrow.  She told me that we need to find our ‘new normal’ and that we will, just as she has.

Tomorrow starts our ‘new normal’.

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