What Fun!!!!!

Yesterday Holly and I went to the play area at the Waterford Mall with her friend Chloe and Chloe’s mom Cara. It was so much fun! Holly had a blast! I tried taking lots of pictures but most of them didn’t come out to well, she was moving way to fast for me.

The minute I took her out of her carriage she was off and and just started running around with a HUGE smile on her face. There were a lot of kids there, mostly bigger than her so it was a little crazy because they weren’t being very careful of the little ones. But Holly and Chloe did fine on their own. After a while Holly noticed the slide and went right up the little stairs and went head first down the slide….I snapped a picture but only got her at the end…it looks like she’s not enjoying it but believe me she did! After the first time, she immediately got up and tried to walk up the slide to get to the top, but I evenutally made her understand she had to use the stairs. Here are a few shots…

She loved the little tunnel thingy. (I have no idea what it’s called). She spent lots of time crawling in and out of that. It wasn’t very long, but she had a blast. Here are a few pictures of her and Chloe playing in there. You can see by the HUGE grin on Holly’s face she’s LOVIN this!!!

They have a lot of car and animal type things that the kids can get inside of. Holly couldn’t get in them herself, but she did try! Everything is made with really soft plactic so the kids can’t get hurt as easily. It’s really nice and I plan on taking Holly there more often, especailly when it’s cold or too hot outside to run around. Here she is inside one of those car thingys and trying to get into the animal one. Too Cute!

She really did have a blast. This picture came out way to blurry but it shows you just how much fun she had!!!

I thought for sure she’d fall fast asleep in the car. Nope, she fought it all the way home. Every time her eyes would start to close, she’d push them back open. She really thought she’d miss something. You can see in this picture just how tired she was!

What a fun day!!!!

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