Such a Ham!!!!

Holly is so funny when I take out the camera lately. Sometimes she hams it up and other times she gets a serious and focuses on something like she’s trying to ignore me. It’s just too cute! I’m so glad I get to spend my days with her and enjoy all these moments. It’s so amazing to watch her develop and grow right before my eyes. And boy is she growing fast! I can’t believe that in 11 days she’ll be 17 months old. How fast did that go by?? Everyone told me it would be fast but boy they didn’t tell me HOW fast.

I love this age (except for the mini temper tantrums, but we are working on that). She understands so much it’s amazing. And I realized yesterday I’m already training her to help out with housework without even realizing it. For example…When I get her dressed or undressed each day I toss her cloths onto the floor in front of her hamper as I take them off (I have no where else to put them and I can’t reach the hamper from her changing table) and when we are done and I put her down, I tell her to put her cloths in the hamper and she does just that. Lately I don’t even have to tell her and she does it automatically. Then yesterday there were some cloths in the dryer and the buzzer went off. I asked Holly to go get the cloths for mommy. Now of course I KNOW she’s not going to go downstairs and get them but I was just pretending it could happen. Well she disappeared from the kitchen for a while. I went looking to see what she was doing and she was in my room taking our (dirty) cloths out of our hamper. I asked her to go get the cloths, but I didn’t tell her which ones and she was doing exactly what I asked her to do! Amazing how much she’s understanding each day. It’s really fun. Now I just need to teach her how to iron and I’m all set! LOL

I tried giving her a vanilla shake yesterday to get her to drink some milk (she’s on a milk strike since I took the bottle away) but she didn’t fall for it. I really thought she’d like it. I made it with Ice Cream not syrup…But she didn’t drink it. I’ll just keep trying. She’s been eating up a storm since she got better. So that’s good.

Here are some cute pictures I took of her yesterday. She’s such a Ham!!!

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  1. OMG Karen, she looks like such a toddler in those pics. They are so sweet!!!!! what an adorable little girl, I can’t wait to see you guys this week. Oh how cute, you are right, where did the time go????

  2. These pics are great!!! Keep them coming, gramma misses her. See you Sunday………..Oh and Karen keep up the good work of teaching her how to pick up things….

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