Happy Thursday!

Yesterday we went for our big ultrasound where they see the baby’s development and can usually tell the sex but this baby did NOT want to be seen! It stayed in the same position, head down, belly down, the entire time we were there. She couldn’t even see everything she wanted to see, let alone between it’s legs. We were both very disappointed, not just that we couldn’t find out if we were having a boy or a girl, but just that she could not confirm that everything is going well. The heartbeat was great…….love hearing the sound of it!!! It was nice and fast, just like it should be and we got to see an arm and a leg (barely) and a few other things. But not enough for it to be a successful ultrasound so we need to go back. I think the hard part for us was when we had Holly’s ultra sound it was so clear, we could see everything so well and she was jumping around like crazy. We were automatically expecting it to go the same way, but it never does, does it?. So it looks like our children are already proving to be VERY different from one another, and that’s ok. I also and trying to accept that fact that maybe even when we go back, we may not know the sex of this baby and if that’s the case, thats ok with me. As long as everything looks great, does it really matter??

OK, onto pictures of Holly. I know that’s what everyone’s looking for. Her cousins (Tina, Joe, Alyssa and Steph) gave her the cutest Dora PJ’s for her birthday. I could put these on her every night they are so cute, of course I don’t. The truth is, she looks cute in anything!

Have a great day!!!

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